Weight Loss Program

8 weeks

Are you looking for step by step guidance to lose body fat? Are you ready to make new healthy habits for results that last? This program is for you.

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This is for you if you want:

  • An 8 week guided fat loss program for individuals, couples or groups

  • Scientific evidence based advice that gets results

  • No calorie counting or weighing food. Body measurements are optional

  • Help establishing new healthy habits for life

  • A holistic approach that works with your body and lifestyle

  • Weekly support with step by step changes 

  • OPTION to add on a personal training program

What is included:

  • 1 hour Nutrition Consultation where we cover:

  • Written Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan

  • 4x 20min Nutrition Consultations

  • Weekly challenge and focus area via email

  • Optional body measurements


Your first 1 hour Consultation will cover:

  • Mindset for success

  • Key changes required for optimum results

  • How to put a balanced meal and snack together

  • Hydration, sleep, movement & stress

  • Food and cooking preferences

  • Family, work and lifestyle considerations

  • Goal setting


written nutrition and wellness plan includes:

  • Clear Nutrition Guidelines on exactly how to create balanced meals

  • Wellness guides covering topics relevant to you such as sleep, reducing stress, supporting gut health, exercise.

  • Meal plan 

  • Shopping list

  • Recipes that you require.

  • Food preparation and meal planning guide. 

I know your time is precious and you need this to be as easy as possible.

8 week step by step weight loss program for individuals, couples or groups, in person, zoom or online. 

If you have questions and would like to speak with me first, then please book a 15min discovery call here.


Kia Ora I'm Davinia,
NZ Registered Nutritionist (BSc)

I offer nutrition & wellness programs that are backed by science and get results.

I guide you step by step to make positive changes that work for you and your family.  You deserve it!