Couples & Groups

Do you want your partner, family or friends to get on board too? I will educate and motivate your whole whanau for you, and provide a plan to fast track you all to better health. 



This consultation is for you if you want to:

  • Educate and motivate your family on balanced nutrition.

  • Learn how to increase the nutrient density of family meals.

  • Learn how to plan your families meals and simplify food shopping, food prep and cooking. 

  • Achieve a healthy weight and protect against disease.

  • Address a health issue shared by the group such as digestive complaints, fatigue, weight loss, mood or hormone balance, sports nutrition.

During the 1 hour couples or group consultation we will cover:​​

  • Goals and desired outcomes for the group.

  • Nutrition, exercise, lifestyle recommendations for best results. 

  • Individual health needs within the group.


written nutrition and wellness plan for the group includes:

  • Clear Nutrition Guidelines on exactly how to create balanced meals for your whanau.

  • Wellness guides covering topics relevant to members of your group such as sleep, reducing stress, supporting gut health, exercise.

  • Meal plan 

  • Shopping list

  • Recipes that you require.

  • Food preparation and meal planning guide. 

  • A step by step guide to getting your plan started. 

If you are ready to get your whanau's health on track, book your appointment now and lets get started!

If you have questions and would like to speak with me first, then please book a 15min discovery call here.


Kia Ora I'm Davinia,
NZ Registered Nutritionist (BSc)

I offer nutrition & wellness programs that are backed by science and get results.

I guide you step by step to make positive changes that work for you and your family.  You deserve it!