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Family Food Prep Guide

Make feeding your tribe a little easier with some food prep at the start of the week….

1. Give your pantry, fridge and freezer a make over.

Clear out any old jars or forgotten packets. Have a tidy up and organise all your grains, nuts, seeds etc into air tight containers so everything easy to find and nothing is forgotten about. Knowing what is hiding in your pantry or freezer helps save money and stop double ups.

2. Big shop for staples

Do a big shop to fill your pantry and freezer with staples and then each week you only have to do a top up shop of fresh food.

3. Shopping List

Keep a running shopping list in the kitchen. As soon as a food item runs out, add it to the list straight away so that you are never caught short.

4. Pre Wash & Cut Vegetables

After your grocery shop, wash and chop your vegetables and store in air tight containers Eg cut broccoli into florets, cut carrots into sticks. This makes snacking on vegetables more convenient, and food prep for meals easier.

5. Food Prep

To speed up lunch and dinners, once a week cook:

- A big roast chicken and a big tray of vegetables e.g potato, kumara, pumpkin, beetroot

- A big batch of grains e.g brown rice, black rice, quinoa, wholegrain pasta

- Hard boil some eggs for the fridge

6. Cook Extra

At dinner, cook double what you need and keep

the left overs for lunch or in the fridge/freezer for another night.

Kumara and Pumpkin are good gentle carbs that

make a nutritious replacement for bread or toast so always cook extra! Eg. Kumara rosti with eggs instead of toast.

7. Get Baking with the Kids

Stock up your pantry and freezer with kid friendly lower sugar baking. Eg. Banana bread,

Bran & Blueberry muffins, Oat & Banana pancakes…

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