My Story


Kia Ora I'm Davinia,

I am a Registered Nutritionist (BSc, NSNZ), mother of 2 girls and owner of Zesty Fox Nutrition on Auckland's North Shore. I specialise in Women's Health & Family Nutrition.

My mission is to simplify nutrition for women who don't have the time or the energy to figure it all out for themselves or their family.

I also help my clients manage fussy eating with their children and increase the nutrient density of family meals.

 "I enjoy living a life of balance and I love helping my clients find balance in their lives too."

"I practice the same dietary and lifestyle methods that I recommend to my clients. Here is what this looks for me in my life..."

  • My biggest health challenge is managing my energy levels. 

  • I am mindful of keeping all forms of stress on my body down as I have already battled breast cancer once and I wish to avoid having to do it again!

  • I enjoy all foods from all the food groups including the treat group! I eat balanced meals and snacks most of the time as it helps keep my energy levels up and manages my weight.

  • I cook double what my family needs for dinner so there are leftovers.

  • My husband does 50% ish of the cooking.

  • I often give my children very simple but healthy meals that can be prepared in about 10 minutes.

  • I love sports like snow skiing, surfing, rockclimbing, diving and biking.

  • I get a huge benefit from daily restorative practices such as yoga, diaphragmatic breathing and naps while my toddler is napping if I can.​​

  • I feel best on 8 hours sleep a night.

"With my own health challenges I have  benefited from the same health and wellness advice that I share with my clients."

I work hard at maintaining balance in my life, but  to have enough energy to do everything that I enjoy, I know I  need to keep my blood sugar levels even throughout the day and keep all sources of stress on my body down.

Reducing stress means:

  1. Eating a balanced nutrient dense diet

  2. Staying hydrated

  3. Getting enough sleep

  4. Doing exercise that feels good to me

  5. Giving my busy mind moments of rest each day.

  6. Supporting my children's eating with empathy.  

 I love helping my clients find the right balance for their lives too.  

When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the age of 30 the balance in my life was seriously challenged. I really did not want my cancer diagnosis and the treatment that followed to take over my life. By taking my own advice, I experienced just how powerful good nutrition and wellbeing practices can be during a challenging time.


It helped me stay as physically and mentally strong as possible and I was able to maintain some normality and balance in my life. Often nutrition and exercise is the first thing that we let go of when facing a life challenge.

"My approach to health continues to serve me well as I  face the same balancing act as you may, with raising my 2 girls, running my business, keeping up with my sports and enjoying my family and friends." 

"I look forward to helping you regain your health and zest for life too!"


My Approach


I simplify nutrition for busy mothers who want to beat fatigue and manage their weight. My mission is to get you to a place where you feel a renewed zest for life .

I know your time is precious and you need this to be as simple as possible.

I give evidence based recommendations that are backed by science and get results.

Getting your Zest back starts with me guiding you to establish a balanced nutrient dense diet, rich in wholefoods that will keep you feeling satisfied and works with your lifestyle and your family.


There is no calorie counting, weighing or measuring, no restricting foods unless there is a really compelling reason to and no cutting out entire food groups.

As well as giving you a personalised plan, I help you actually get started at home with step by step guidance. We make make changes that are manageable for you and will give you the best results.


Our first step is to establish your balanced nutrient dense diet:

  • We determine the right balance of fats, protein and carbohydrate in your meals for your body to function at it’s best and feel satisfied.


  • We increase the nutrient density of the meals you are cooking by adjusting the types of foods you are using and the portions.


  • We look at managing your intake of sugar, salt, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks to reduce stress on your body and make room for foods that serve your body better.


  • We look at the timing of your meals and your hydration.


We also need to address any underlying health, family and lifestyle factors that play a crucial part in getting you your results and maintaining them long term.

Some health issues I commonly address in my clinic are:

  • Hormone imbalances and related symptoms

  • IBS and digestive issues

  • Blood sugar imbalance

  • Food cravings and emotional eating

  • Stress on the body from diet, lifestyle, lack of sleep & emotional stress

  • Food restriction or dieting mentality

  • Family demands and difficulties such as fussy eating.

  • Lack of time, energy and motivation

  • Being stuck in a rut with meal planning and recipes

  • Finding appropriate exercise for your body


At our first appointment we set your goals, talk about what has worked or not worked in the past for you, and discuss any barriers or underlying health and lifestyle factors that we need to consider.


It is this holistic nutrition and wellbeing approach that gets results and helps you maintain your health, weight and zest for life.

My Credentials

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  • Owner of Zesty Fox Nutrition on Auckland's North Shore. Clinics in Rothesay Bay & Torbay.

  • Registered Nutritionist with the NZ Nutrition Society.

  • BSc Human Nutrition & BCom from The University of Otago.

  • Nutritionist for Tots Pantry food company.

  • 10 years experience working in the food industry

Zesty Fox Nutrition is nominated as one of the best Nutrition Professionals in Auckland



​Being a Registered Nutritionist means I am a member of a trusted professional body - the Nutrition Society NZ.

The Nutrition society only registers nutritionists that have appropriate nutrition qualifications and who can demonstrate they practice ethically using evidence based advice.

My obligations as a Registered Nutritionist are that I must continue to expand my knowledge in the field of health and nutrition with ongoing professional development and undertake regular professional supervision. Interestingly there are no regulations around who can call themselves a ‘nutritionist’ so finding a Registered Nutritionist gives you the confidence that you are seeking advice from someone who is qualified and practices ethically with scientific backed advice.


I feel very privileged to be the Registered Nutritionist for Tots Pantry, an inspirational local  business offering nutritious balanced meals for 1 to 5 year olds, delivered to your door.


Both Tot’s Pantry and Zesty Fox Nutrition share a common mission to make healthy eating easier for busy parents, so it is a  partnership that is close to my heart.


It feels good to work with a small food company who put the health of their customers first, especially when it is concerning our children.  

Prior to starting my nutrition practice, I worked in the food industry for over 10 years in a commercial role. It was during this time that I gained an in depth understanding of how food marketing  can affect the choices that we make and how business profit goals can affect the nutritional integrity of the food that we find on our supermarket shelves.

Now in my clinical practice I take what I learnt in the food industry to teach you how to see through the marketing and read food labels, compare nutrition claims and make better food choices for your family while keeping to your budget.

I established Zesty Fox Nutrition in 2015 and have a Nutrition clinic in Rothesay Bay and Torbay on Aucklands Northshore. Appointments can be arranged in person, by phone or zoom. I offer a free 15minute phone consults for us to chat about your health and how I can help you. 

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