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Meet our Nutritionist

Our Nutritionist, Davinia Goodes.

A little about me...

I am a qualified Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition. I give evidence based nutrition and exercise advice and offer an explanation behind each of my recommendations. As well as tailoring a wellness plan for each client, I also give step by step advice on how to integrate your plan into your life so that you can stick with it long term and get lasting results!

I am loving being a first time mum to my 16 month old daughter Willow and am enjoying helping her on her food journey, messy as it is! Many of my clients are also busy mums who come to me for help with getting their pre baby bodies back and improving their energy levels as well as looking for advice on how to provide a balanced healthy diet to toddlers children and teens.

I am proud to be the nutritionist for Tots Pantry, an inspirational local start up business offering healthy balanced meals for toddlers delivered to your door. I always have emergency Tots Pantry meals in my freezer that I can rely on. Get yours at

I also have a commercial background, working in the food industry for 7 years in new product development for dairy and bakery products. During my time in the food industry I have gained an intimate understanding of what drives peoples food choices and how food marketing and packaging can influence your relationship with food and the choices that you make for yourself and your family.

A run in with Breast Cancer a couple of years ago gave me valuable personal experience of just how powerful the right nutrition and exercise can be to keep the body and mind strong when life throws a curve ball!

I believe that choosing to live healthily does not have to be lonely or a chore, it can be social. Group nutrition sessions can be a great way for friends to find motivation in each other even if individual needs slightly differ.

At Zesty Fox Nutrition North Shore Auckland, many of my clients that choose one on one sessions find that having at least one group session with their family or close friends or colleagues is a great way to help integrate their nutrition and wellness plan into their life and gain support from those around them.

I offer an initial 30 minute consultation free of charge and use this time to discuss your current state of health and what you are trying to achieve so that we can tailor a program that perfectly suits you. ♥

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