At Zesty Fox Nutrition we place a big emphasis on integrating your nutrition and lifestyle plan into daily life by using a step by step approach. This sets you up for long term results as you will be making a real lifestyle change rather than being stuck in a cycle of short term dieting. 

For every client I do a full in depth analysis of your health history and current dietary and lifestyle habits  including food and cooking preferences, family and work commitments, exercise, sleep, and mental and physical stresses that may be impacting on your ability to achieve your health goals. 

I then design a nutrition and lifestyle plan that will best work for you and your life so that you will see and feel results as quickly as possible and maintain them long term.


Your plan will cover nutrition guidelines specific to you, a meal plan, shopping list, tips for shopping and food preparation, and where appropriate  will also cover recommended supplements and physical and mental health exercises.


Many of my clients  find that having at least one group session with their family, close friends or colleagues is a great way to help integrate their nutrition plan into daily life by gaining support from those around them.


And if you are ready to make a real commitment to seeing maximum results and improving your health long term, then the 6 week group boot camp or the 3 month Zesty For Life program comes highly recommended by our clients.


I look forward to helping you look and feel better than ever! 

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Complimentary First Appointment

I offer an introductory 15 minute consultation free of charge and use this time to have an discuss your health history and dietary, exercise and lifestyle habits. 

 After establishing your health goals, I give a  recommendation on how we can best work together to achieve them.


And if after the 15 minutes it's not for you, then that's okay too! 

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Individual Consultation 

This is an in depth discussion where we cover:

  • Health history and current health and symptoms.

  • Dietary, exercise and lifestyle habits and preferences.

  • Goal setting

  • Nutrition, exercise, lifestyle recommendations. 

  • Supplement and testing recommendations if required


Following the consultation you will receive a written personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan with easy to follow guidelines and meal plan.

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Follow Up Consultation

This is to monitor your progress and answer any questions that you may have. We will discuss anything that you may be finding tricky, and build on your nutrition and lifestyle plan. Following each consultation you will receive written notes summarising our discussion.

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Get Zesty Program: 3 Months

If you are ready make a real commitment to seeing maximum results and improving your health long term, then my 3 month Get Zesty program is for you!  I will be your personal health coach to help you integrate your nutrition and lifestyle plan step by step into your life. Each week brings a new challenge or focus area so that by the end of the 3 months you have laid down new habits for life and are seeing maximum results. 

  • In depth individual consultation followed with a written nutrition and lifestyle plan specific to you. 

  • 3x follow up sessions

  • Option to do a session as a walk and talk on a local walking track

  • Option to do a session as a Supermarket tour

  • Weekly challenges to step by step integrate your plan  into your life

  • Weekly advice via email

  • Recipes, meal plan, shopping list and more! 


Couples, Families and Groups 

If you are a family or a group of friends with a common goal then a group session is a great way to learn together and motivate each other! You will fill out a brief health history questionnaire before your session so that we can consider any specific individual needs as well. You will leave with a set of key nutrition and lifestyle points to focus on to get you started straight away and you will receive a full written nutrition and lifestyle plan for the group.

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Group Nutrition Boot Camp:

6 Weeks

Getting your health back on track does not have to be a lonely task. See real long term results by getting the people in your life involved. Get a group of friends, colleagues your coffee group, book club group together for a fun and motivating 6 week nutrition and healthy living boot camp.

You will each fill out a brief health questionnaire so I can tailor the program to the needs of your group.

  • 1.5 hour comprehensive group session followed with a written nutrition and lifestyle plan for the group 

  • Weekly challenges to step by step integrate the plan into your lives.

  • Weekly advice via email 

  • Recipes, meal plan, shopping list and more!